XAVER™ 400

Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging System

The Xaver™ 400 allows for quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, enabling tactical teams to step into the known and obtain mission-critical information.
The Xaver™ 400 is a compact, lightweight and durable personal device, optimized for the speed of tactical entries. The Xaver™ 400 gives special ops and rescue forces critical information in real-time about the number of people and their location behind a wall. Simple to operate, the Xaver™ 400 provides vital information when and where it is needed.

Tactical teams conducting urban operations are constantly faced with stepping into the unknown - is anyone in the room, hidden behind the wall or hiding in the hallway? Mission plans must account for any contingency, adding complexity and increasing the chance of error often in life and death situations. Camero's Xaver™ Sense Through The Wall (STTW) systems provide unprecedented situational awareness.


Xaver™ 400 Features

Compact, light and easy to operate, the Xaver™ 400 allows maximum mobility and maneuverability in virtually any type of urban operation. The system is ready to go at the push of a button, requiring no warm-up time. 

  • Optimized rugged design for tactical operations
  • Reliable detection of people behind most common wall materials
  • Simple user interface with tracking capabilities for intuitive interpretation
  • Simultaneous detection of static and moving objects
  • 20m (65ft) detection range
  • Ability to operate in a stand-off mode (at a distance from the wall)
  • Provides information about room dimensions and major infrastructure elements
  • Optional Internal wireless video transmitter for remote display

Xaver™ 400 Technology

The Xaver™ 400 utilizes a state-of-the-art system architecture, encompassing multiple cutting edge technologies. A unique, multichannel, and micro-power Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at very high bandwidth enables reliable detection and industry leading object resolution. Algebraic image reconstruction algorithms are used to cope with cluttered environments resulting in a high quality and intuitive image. Simple operation and compact packaging are key features of the design.

Radiation Safety

The Xaver™ 400 is completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while meeting the requirements of ICNIRP-1998 radiation exposure restriction and the FCC OET Bulletin 65 - Limits for General Population/ Uncontrolled Exposure.

XAVER™  400
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